I.R.I.S. Working Group

Interoperable Multimedia Retrieval in Distributed Systems


(The following text has been taken from the project page)


Michael Glos, Economics Minister ret., explains: "The Federal Government regards new, internet-based methods of acquiring, seeking and processing knowledge as a strategically vital issue in the context of globalised competition. With the help of THESEUS, we aim to improve the competitive position of Germany and of Europe as a whole, with a view to ultimately becoming one of the world's leading locations for information and communication technology. Opening up new markets with a high growth potential will also create sustainable jobs and economic prosperity in Germany and throughout Europe. THESEUS is also intended to provide a bridge between pure research and practical application from the outset. We expect the selected fields to provide innovative Best Practice examples and potentially successful business models. Unlike in the past, we now want to ensure that Germany is not just a location where innovations are developed, but where they are also put into practice - with a corresponding boost for growth, and for the creation and safeguarding of jobs".

THESEUS is a research program initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi), with the goal of developing a new Internet-based infrastructure in order to better use and utilize the knowledge available on the Internet. It is an umbrella organization uniting 30 researchers from the public and industry sectors to collaborate in developing and designing innovative basic technologies. The goal: To simplify access to information, network data to new knowledge, and create the basis for the development of new Internet services.

Currently, we are involved in the application scenario 'Medico', which is intended to be an intelligent scalable robust search engine for the medical domain, with applications in Clinical Decision Support and Computer Aided Diagnosis. For more informations please have a look at this page.