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JPSearch - Transformation Rules - Download


Transformation Rules Source Code

Installation / Utilization

The JPSearch transformation rules framework comes as a set of zip file and its implementation relies on a Java 1.6 installation on the target computer. Furthermore, for the demonstration a running Apache Tomcat and a BaseX database are necessary.

The package contains the following zip files:

1) Rules.zip: Contains the four necessary transformation rule XML files.
2) Schema.zip: contains the according XML scheme files for MPEG-7, Dublin Core and JPSearch.
3) Querys.zip: contains 3 example queries for testing
4) Applet.zip: contains the complete Java project
5) Transformation Manager.zip: contains the Java project for the JavaFx user interface
6) WebApp.zip: contains the .war file which can be directly exported to a Tomcat server

The following steps have to be applied in order to start the project:

1) copy the transformer.war into the webapps folder of the Tomcat installation (assuming the Tomcat is already running and automatic deployment of web application is activated)
2) start the application by using your favorite browser with the following URL:
3) The Upload, Download and Delete Button are self-explanatory
4) For transforming a query, one can select a given one from the example set and the name space field has to be selected as follows:
    a) urn:mpeg:mpeg7:schema:2004 in case a JPSearch Query to MPEG-7 should be transformed.
    b) http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/ in case a JPSearch Query to Dublin Core should be transformed.
    c) Keep the field empty in case any Query should be transformed to JPSearch core schema.

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