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Interoperable Multimedia Retrieval in Distributed Systems


Today, many different metadata formats exist, that are tuned for still image descriptions which implies interoperability problems. In this context, the main focus of the JPSearch framework is to decouple the in general tightly coupled systems and to provide a better interoperability during image search. The current version of the JPSearch project is divided into 5 main parts.

Part 1 has been already finalized. It covers a description of the overall structure of JPSearch, a large set of use case scenarios and an outline of a typical image retrieval repository and its components.

Part 2: Registration, Identification, and Management of Metadata Schema tries to overcome the ambiguity within metadata models. It targets on the following main points: Specifying a core metadata schema, which serves as entry point for all JPSearch requests. The core schema needs to be supported and understood by all JPSearch compliant systems. Correspondence and transformation rules between the core metadata schema and other image description formats. Registration, identification and management of metadata schemas and transformation rules.

Part 3: JPSearch Query Format provides a standardized message protocol for image retrieval. For this purpose, the MPEG Query Format (MPQF) has been adopted to satisfy the requirements of image retrieval.

Part 4: File format for metadata embedded in image data (JPEG and JPEG 2000) adopts the well known image data formats (JPEG and JPEG 2000) for embedding metadata information. The benefit of such an integration and combination of metadata and raw data is the mobility of metadata and its persistent association with the image itself.

Part 5: Data Interchange Format between Image Repositories concentrates on the standardization of a format for the exchange of image or image collections and its metadata and metadata schema between JPSearch compliant systems.

JPSearch File Format Architecture
JPSearch Overview

Reference Software

At the 51st JPEG meeting in March 2010, the JPSearch group published the document (N5376), 'Workplan version 2 for JPSearch Reference Software', which describes the architecture and work plan of the JPSearch reference software. This reference software document lists four main components a first version of the software package should contain: a schema registry and metadata validation component, a JPQF query validation and processing component, a metadata embedded file format and a repository interchange component.

The File Format
The File Format - Download

The Transformation Rules
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