I.R.I.S. Working Group

Interoperable Multimedia Retrieval in Distributed Systems

Nowadays popularity of multimedia demands efficient and intelligent strategies in order to cope with the large amount of multimedia data. Recent efforts in the area of Multimedia Retrieval Systems (MMRS) have led to a growing research community and a number of International, national and industrial projects.

Besides concentrating on single media retrieval systems (e.g., only images are considered), latest technologies target on multimodal retrieval engines. This development explicitly forms the mainstream trend as queries such as "Show me the movie and related material for the given score available by melody and text snippets" (maybe by humming) or "Give me all media (text, image, video, audio) containing information about the city Paris" come into vogue. In order to support those challenging requests, research needs to work on a.) new (ontology-based) semantic models for combining individual media models, b.) new retrieval engines considering crossing the media and annotation boundary during search, c.) new interfaces coping the input and presentation of various media data.

In this context, the Interoperable Multimedia Retrieval in Distributed Systems (I.R.I.S) Working Group has been established which is hosted at the University of Passau at the Department of Information Systems and concentrates on the research of retrieval in heterogeneous multimedia repositories.

Research Topics:

  • Multimedia Query Languages
  • Multimedia content-based browsing, indexing and retrieval of images, video and audio
  • Cross-media clustering, indexing and retrieval
  • Multimedia analysis for advanced multimedia applications (Medical Domain, Satellite imaging)
  • Distributed heterogeneous multimedia systems and shared applications
  • Semantics modeling of cross media collections
  • Multimedia search engines and interfaces
  • Evaluation of multimedia retrieval systems
  • Cross media modeling concerning low- and high-level feature annotation and extraction.