The telemedical project ProKimed0 incorporated into the children’s healthcare network of Eastern Bavaria unites paediatricians, medical and social establishments as well as regional authorities. Those organisms have set themselves the goal of promoting the prevention of psychological and medical illnesses and ensuring paediatric and adolescent advisory in the region. In the telemedical project, information and communication technologies are developed and tested in order to make a sustainable contribution towards the security of paediatric supplies in rural areas. They are characterized in particular by their model character.

One of the objectives of the project is therefore to improve networking for both inpatients and outpatients in order to optimize diagnostic, medical and therapeutic processes. Besides, the project aims to counteract medical errors as well as the loss of knowledge due to the fluctuation of doctors. Furthermore, it focuses on fighting medical errors by the application of a common base of medical standards. The project coordinators of ProKimed0 are the children’s hospital Dritter Orden Passau in cooperation with the University of Passau. The project will be supported for two years by the Bavarian State Ministry of Environment and Health.

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