The directors of the MDPS doctoral college are Prof. Harald Kosch of the Chair of distributed Information systems (verteilte Informationssysteme) in Germany, Prof. Lionel Brunie in France from the team DRIM and Prof. Ernesto Damiani from SESAR laboratory in Italy. They are supported by the coordinators Dr. David Coquil (University of Passau), Dr. Nadia Bennani (both from INSA Lyon), Dr. Stelvio Cimato and Dr. Gabriele Giannini (both from the University of Milano).

The PhDs of the doctoral candidates are done as a “cotutelle”, which means that they are supervised by two different supervisors from two different countries. The future PhDs do their research in both countries. They spend about half of their PhD time in each of the two countries.

Apart from those regular PhDs, there are also associated PhDs who only enrol at one university and write their PhD thesis there, but spend some time at one of the partner universities.

Furthermore, other doctoral candidates from Passau, Lyon and Milano take part in the semi-annual workshops of the MDPS doctoral college.