The PhD-Track program “Multimedia, Distributed and Pervasive Secure Systems” supported and labeled by the German-French University (German description) integrates the German-French doctoral college MDPS and the Double Master program IFIK.

The Double Master program in Computer Science (IFIK) (German description) integrates the diplôme d’ingénieur en informatique of the Département d’Informatique (IF) of the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA Lyon) and the Master's degree course in Computer Science (with a focus on Information and Communication systems) of the University of Passau (UP). Ideally it shall prepare students for the  MDPS doctoral college.

The Multimedia Distributed Pervasive Secure Systems (MDPS) doctoral college consists of researchers and PhD students in computer science from Universität Passau (Germany), INSA Lyon (France) and Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy). It enables in particular its doctoral students to graduate as PhDs in two countries at the same time ("co-tutelle" PhD).

The subjects of the PhD topics are part of an integrated common research programme. The main axis of this program is multimedia, which is declined along the sub-branches of distributed systems, pervasive/mobile systems and IT security. The PhDs alternate stays at the partner universities and their theses are jointly supervized by two researchers from two different countries.

Furthermore, a workshop bringing together all project members is held every six months. During these events, MDPS PhD students and researchers present their latest work. Seminars and speeches of guests from industry and science complete the workshop program. Thus, the PhDs are able to share experiences and knowledge and improve their work.

Since the establishment of the doctoral college MDPS (Multimedia Distributed Pervasive Secure Systems) in 2008, the research activities carried out within the college have increased constantly from the supervision of "cotutelle" (bilateral) PhD thesis to the development of common projects at European level. 

Thus, eight years after its foundation, MDPS has definitely demonstrated its capability to foster high quality fundamental research, to support new academic programs and to stimulate disruptive technological innovation.  

From now on, IRIXYS includes MDPS as well as all research activities carried out in the doctoral college.  Furthermore, IRIXYS benefits from the achieved results and the expertise of its founders in the area of multimedia, data security as well as distributed and pervasive systems. Finally, IRIXYS aims at providing a unique international cooperation structure of excellence involved in academic education, research and innovation.

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28th October 2016

Prof. Kosch designed knight of the Order of Academic Palms

Professor Harald Kosch has been awarded on October 26th by the French Consul general in Bavaria the commendation of knight of the Order of Academic Palms for this active contribution to the franco-german academic cooperation. The "Ordre des Palmes Académiques" is a french decoration originally instituted by Napoleon and distinguishes academics and figures for their commitment in the french culture and education abroad.

                                Picture: University Passau


04th August 2016

Data Science Summit in Passau

The university of Passau organises the first Data Science Summit (PasDasS) in Passau. The scientific event will take place on the 4th and 5th of October 2016 at the university of Passau and will focus on new scientific methods and technological trends in the field of data analysis.

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1st July 2016

16 MDPS Workshop

The sixteenth MDPS Workshop successfully took place from the 20th to the 24th June in Gargnano at Garda Lake (Italy). 22 PhDs and 2 invited speakers presented their talks covering a wide range of topics from security, privacy to Big Data and Cloud services. See more >>


22nd March 2016

A doctorate of the INSA was awarded the Megallan price for the best graduate

David Aparício, currently PhD student at LIRIS (IT-Laboratory for digital networks and information systems) who holds a double degree in IT-engineering at the INSA Lyon and the University Campinhas (UNICAM) in Brasil, was awarded the Cap Magellan - Bank BCP Price for the Best Graduate last October. The price awarded annually for all disciplines emphasizes the exchange between France, Portugal as well as Portuguese-speaking nations. David Aparício organizes a couple of research projects linked to Facebook, Microsoft and computer science in general.

Source: INSA Lyon


15th March 2016

Franco-German doctoral college MDPS is part of the new research platform IRIXYS

The Franco-German doctoral college MDPS has been recently integrated into the new "International Research and Innovation Center in Intelligent Digital Systems" (IRIXYS). The Kick-off event took place on the 7th of March 2016 at the University of Passau in the presence of the Consul Generals of France, Jean-Claude Brunet and Italy, Renato Cianfarani and the bavarian State Secretary for research, Bernd Sibler. IRIXYS builds on the successful partnership between the University of Passau, the french National Institution for Applied Sciences of Lyon (INSA) and the italian university Università degli Studi di Milano which was initiated in 2007. As a fully integrated research and innovation center "without walls", IRIXYS is the organisational frame for the double master program in Computer science (IFIK), the MDPS doctoral college as well as for excellent academic and industrial cooperation programs and research and innovation projects.

Current research activities of IRIXYS focus on key IT topics such as Big Data, Internet of Things and security in Cloud Computing.

Further information will be soon available on the homepage of IRIXYS.

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